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ROA BOD Ballot 2019

Please note: we apologize for the formatting of this page. We are having formatting issues with our website which we are in the process of trying to resolve.

Thank you,

are two (2) candidate positions open this year.  Votes must
be cast no later than 5 PM April 19, 2019.  Please vote for two (2) candidates.  An incomplete ballot will not be counted as a
valid vote nor entered into the drawing. Your valid ballot will be entered into
a drawing to receive this years assessment free (if the winner has already
paid, their money will be refunded to them).  Only one ballot per family
can be cast.  The nominees are listed alphabetically rather than by
incumbent status.  Following are their bios:

Francisca Beaver

I am respectfully submitting
my name for consideration as a member of the Northwest Landing ROA Board of
Directors. I have been a resident/homeowner in NWL since 1987, living in the
Clock Tower Apartments, Bay Colony Condominiums and currently a home on Forrest
Place. This has provided me with the invaluable perspective of watching a
community grow and expand. My husband and I edited and published the Home Town
Clipper, a community newspaper, for many years. This also provided me with many
opportunities to become involved with and learn about the community, its
residents, schools and civic affairs. I am currently a member of the
Heirloom Orchard Committee.

I served in the US Army in
Military Intelligence as a Russian linguist/interrogator. I worked in corporate
business for 20 years and have extensive human resource experience and
training. I feel I would be able to assist the board in keeping the best
interests of the board at heart, enforcing rules equally and fairly and taking
the duties seriously to make the best, informed decisions about the
community. Strengths that I would bring to this position include skill in
conflict resolution, consistency, transparency and respectful, open dialogue.

Robert Hirschman

I would like to express my strong interest in serving on the
Northwest Landing Residential Owners Association Board of Directors. I have lived in Northwest Landing since 1999and have been a home owner since 2000. I
have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Economics
and retired from the Department of
Defense with over 40 years service in numerous management positions.

I have served on the Board for several years and currently
hold the position of Treasurer. My
dedication to the standards and vision of Northwest Landing is stronger than
ever, and I believe that those standards and that vision will continue to make
this community one of the most desirable living areas in all of



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